I have had my own experiences with OCD, alcoholism, and other forms of addiction.

They all have one thing in common: escapism.

The other thing they have in common is that I was able to beat them by coming to terms with reality and my place in it.

I never had success treating OCD as a "disease". Years of counseling and drugs did nothing to help it. Nobody else could get rid of the demons in my head.

What did help was me coming to terms and telling myself: "These obsessions and compulsions are pretty freaking irrational!" So I tried facing my irrational obsessive fears and I saw that nothing bad happened when I did not give in to my compulsions.

I gained confidence over time in facing down my obsessions and compulsions and coming to terms with reality. Furthermore, if I want to change reality, irrational compulsions won't achieve my desired end, but I can take real actions to achieve some goals.

So, when I found myself addicted to alcohol, and another behavior, I was simply honest with myself. "I have a problem with an unhealthy escapism. I have the power to make that problem go away."

And I did.

And now I can have alcohol whenever I want, or not have it whenever I want. It has no power over me anymore. I can go weeks at a time without a single drop, have one or two drinks, and then go for weeks without any more.

Because I am in control now.

And, in reality, I always was in control of my own behavior, even when I thought that I wasn't.

Telling people that they are zombies under the control of some external factor outside of their control really does them a disservice.

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