I can only agree with Doreen here. What's the point in blaming people to spend money on a creative hobby they truly love? I'm surprised, that of all sources a psychology magazine makes a distinction between virtual goods and "real" ones. Very much of what people count as important in their lives is in fact a virtual value. Why would you spend money to decorate your home? Yes, to impress buddies; and why would that be wrong? If you look closer on our culture you'll discover that in fact most of what we call art, design, entertainment and beauty is in fact virtual. You could go as far as to say, that everything that can be replicated in Second Life containing a quality made for our eyes and ears, including the quality to experience it in a threedimensional environment, is indeed virtual in the first place. Think about it! And given that fact, why is it wrong to realize your dreams for far less money than it would set you back in real life?