There is an inherent danger in "taking a breath" whenever you're startled, because it amounts to hesitation. Depending on the circumstance, it could cost a life. Many highly trained, regularly engaged, "protectors" in our world have learned the importance of muscle memory and have seen the devastating results of trying to be what the rest of society considers normal while still employed as operators, police officers, security professionals, etc.. The result of having an "automatic response" when danger is perceived is that the response is at least one level greater than the threat. A simple "boo!" can result in a bloody nose or worse. In a hostile environment, that quick response is not only accepted, but praised. Out in the general public it is often ridiculed or, as in the case of the punch in the nose, possibly cause for arrest. Risk vs Reward leaves our protectors in the difficult position of having to re-train their brains not to overreact.

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