Hello Dave, I enjoy reading your comments. I glad that you raised your daughter the athoritative way. Now lets take conditional and unconditional away from love. The bible describes love beautifully as: patient,kind,selfless,immortal,humble,unjealous, enduring,persistent: not keep records of wrong and displeased with evil: love trusts,hopes, and never fails. This would make love a spiritual state not just an emotion. Love is the ruler of emotions. The opposite of love is ego. Ego is: hatred, selfishness,self-indulgence, arrogance,self-righteousness, unkindliness ect. Ego is a spiritual state as well. Ego is the enemy of life. Love is superior to ego. Love is everything. Don't believe me, than look at history and today. So much damage had been and still today. I love these spiritual quotes about love. When the power of love overcomes the love of power can the world truly dance. Love is the healthy food our world eats, without love, our planet is doomed. Love is not just an emotion if it can save our world, don't mean to be prickly but that's common sense. Would our planet look better? If humans learned to drop their egotism and love each other the world would be a better place.

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