You are absolutely right we self soothe all the time. I was doing it (plucking my lip) as I read your comment. However, the intention of the article is to remind people in the forensic field not to ignore the feet because they do respond accurately to our sentiments.

Guilty knowledge evinces pacifying behaviors (leg rub) when asked very specific questions. Other questions not likely to elicit the same response because not all words have the same weight based on guilt. A person who kills wiht an icepick is not bother by the word machete, for example.

As to how this information is used, that is up to the reader. There is nothing new here in this article, I have been observing this since 1975. It was merely a reminder not to ignore the feet and legs because they are honest. In the same way that children often distance their feet from parents they dont like. They may lean forward, but the feet will not draw near.

Good luck