Thanks for "prodding" the art therapy community toward digital options for therapy. We have to learn to embrace these technologies or we will forever be too far behind to catch up since they are changing every day. I agree that the younger generation are ready to embrace digital art therapy and probably will initially be drawn to this type of interaction and creative execution first, there might be benefits to encouraging them to interact with other media choices as they become more comfortable with art therapy in general. As you know, the various media all have different attributes that define their special contribution to therapy and moving clients toward specific goals. There is certainly still a lot of research that has to be done to quantify the efficacy of the differences in therapeutic outcomes between a more traditional art approach and the digital approach and if there are specific populations that would benefit from one or the other or a combination of both.

I believe as the technology continues to move forward these two worlds will begin to blend even more. The ipad might eventually morph into a pressure sensitive pad as the technology grows and other art programs are becoming more interactive and combining artwork with video and sound adds other dimensions of sensory stimulation that traditional media does not offer. Being trained in the traditional media I also find there are benefits to these too, but I think that embracing ALL art media and seeing how it can grow the profession is the best way to move forward.

As you mention, there are certainly a lot of ethical and privacy considerations that have to be addressed as far as Skype art therapy sessions and other forms of online art therapy, but those are just growing pains that happen when new ways of doing things come on the scene. Thanks for a great article!