If he is a sexsomniac. Then there is NO WAY he should be sleeping in your daughters room. I am an sexsomniac and I sleep with no one for fear of intiating sex. Lucky for me I don't seem to be aggressive though some are aggressive. Actually, celibacy can bring on sexsomnia more often. However, if this wasn't something happening all along at periodic events. Than I have a hard time believing he is sexsomniac. Though admittedly some drugs can bring it on in people. Plus most sexsomniacs have a history of sleep walking. My sleep walking was so bad in my youth I drove away in a car buck nekkid. If he claims to be sexsomniac then you can have a court order a sleep test. Anybody familiar with sexsomnia could tell you though. It is definitely a bad idea to have a sexomniac sleep with anyone but their sex partner and if their violent then they should sleep in a room alone. They make drugs for this to treat it. if he's that bad off he needs to be on them.

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