I agree with a lot of the comments made already. As stated, we are able to override our biological impulses in many other cases, why should there be a free pass on this one?

My idea of cheating has always been that something isn't right in the relationship, something is lacking (communication, etc). Recently my own partner was severely tempted and almost followed through on an affair and later said "It would never have happened if we weren't in a long distance relationship." An excuse it may be, but it hits upon an important point - the lack of intimacy drove him to seek it out elsewhere. Thankfully, his lovely conscience got in the way before he actually *did* cheat.

The point I'm making is that even in the perhaps "perfect" set-up to be lured into cheating, the capacity to overcome that drive is always there. He also stated "When I thought about why I would do this, and if it was worth it... I realized that it would be a horrible mistake because I love you. It was stupid, because there is simply nothing wrong with you... why break your trust?"

Relationships are not wholly about having children, hopefully (perhaps idealistically) they're about the mutual benefits of loving another person. When entering into a commitment of exclusivity, both partners need to make sacrifices... if for males it is giving up the old evolutionary drive to screw lots of females, so be it!

Love conquers all, eh? ;)

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