Yes AI, yes we do. Sheer force of will. Lol. The point is not the multiple partnering via approval, it is the supposed "tacit" understanding that women should give males a free pass for floundering due to their genetic/evolutionary propensity to wander.

How can you justify it being practical to have open partnering for men? Practical for the male perhaps, as he would have free reign to spread his progeny thru out the local hotties without coming home to an irate spouse. Without a doubt, most men would NOT permit their female partners the same freedom. I suppose this is when you'd use same said science to support a claim that it is genetic/evolutionarily correct because of the males need for keeping his DNA firmly ensconced in his own female mates.

Time to live beyond the evolution of our species and the primate breeding tendencies we still have hiding in the deep end of the gene pool. Maybe women give men too much respect on the evolutionary ladder and we should demote them to something a little closer to the Bonobo.

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