Excuse my english; it is learned at school in germany.
I di read all those articles and i missed two points:
- what´s a measurable definition of love and of luck in love
- what´s a measurable, countable defintion of a couple

I offer you a trial for both:
love is the resonance of 95% of all together done and thought things that make the wife and the man feel safe, warm und pushed a step higher in the body-feeling level; if people always reach for the top 100%-position of absolute love they are idiots that burn their 2-people-dancing-and-singing in the fire of counting orgasms and only highest moments. The luck is bound in all the little waves. Therein is enough energy that sometimes when they resonancing in a solitone-state there can be a freak-wave; thats luck.

A couple is not only two people with memories and wishes an abilitys an ressources it is the vector-product of this all. Therefore you have to multiply all the little factors of two person-vectors dreams and realities and then proof and test and try to correct and to concentrate in the middle (the erngy-middle, the time-middle and the dream-middle) of both persons two dance und flow and sing and grow around this common-middle of both.

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