thank you i am not a child more like im stuck between a girl and a woman who happens to be in the closet bisexual black teen. Who has to face every day knowning that fact, wanting to share that truth and go out and pursue the world as a person who has to take on responsibily, to take blames and face problems, and make mistakes but learn from it. I've saw so much and heard so much but haven't really been in the real world b/c of my over bearing parents. Thats why im so depressed b/c of the real knowledge of the world. I am definitely an introvert who spends her time wondering about the woman i will become either bitter or happy. Who knows? I can't blame it on the world and the closest people around me. But they are some of the blame for my life and how i perceive my life. Thanks ive known for years im not innocent everything i do i've know the consequences. But human urges you can't stop you can supress.

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