Yours is the only reply that I actually agree with. While the current trendy thing to do is brag about 'free range kids' and people strive to not be 'helicopter parents,' your comment conveys what is in my mind as well - the world wasn't nearly as safe as people thought it was and the simple fact is when you know better, you do better. Parents are smarter now and watch over their kids because it makes sense to do so. They are also having fewer kids (it's about time - the world is over populated) so they have the ability to take better care of their offspring. The world is getting safer in some ways but it's also unsafer in others. Simple fact is injuries, rape, kidnappings, bullying, etc will happen - no doubt about that - but who's kid will it be? I liken this debate to seat belts - my great aunt thought it ridiculous to strap kids into car seats and seat belts. "We never had those when I was younger." Yeah, and more people died in car accidents because of that fact, thus seat belts and car seats were invented, lady. Also, there are more cars on the road these days and they go faster. See what I mean? Smarter we get, the better and smarter we do. Things change, we have to change. I think your protective parenting nature is a wonderful thing and parents like you are usually the ones who turn out kids who are smarter, more pleasant to be around, and eventually grow up to be great parents, having learned how to 'adult' by being guided by adults instead of kids (kids learning mostly from other kids is very much the blind leading the blind). Kudos to you. Yours may not be the 'in' way to parent right now but it sure is the right way.

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