I recently read a helpful, or so I believe, analogy called the frog in cold water, where the water is heated over 50 years, the frog suddenly dead and no one knows why. It is the forest through the trees analogy and is what has happened.
It is done with fear mongering, using hyperbole and inflammation of worst case scenarios, the doom and gloom possibility always pointed out as though it were the only potential, or, at the exclusion of everything else. This is an abdication of an innate common sense, as you so eloquently pointed out. That same sense that is natural and how we learned to crawl and to walk, and to speak, with no text book directing our every move and every thought.
I have gotten to the point where I simply say that the worst case scenario is more often fantasy, as when one is present, being aware and using a natural insightfulness, the worst case scenario becomes the illusion propagated to destroy and inhibit what builds self trust, which is to be aware of this physical and practical world, to direct one's awareness to the practical. This doom and gloom, fear mongering follows an economic determinism that has over time allowed a minimum wage to become what is not a living wage, so in tandem with this worst case scenario defining all actions, is an economic system that drives what has actually become a part of the problem, thus, since there is strength in numbers, if we stand together and change that, this ever increasing fear of survival system can reverse itself into what is more natural, as the real capacity of each of us to realize the use of fear, as the use of extremes to define how we life, when a focus and presence in reality, is the best cure, calling out behaviors of seeing only the worst and instead grounding in practical step by step actions that are how things are built. After all, if one were aware, that heat under that water, that that frog was in, we are perfectly suited as our innate sensibility, able to see, realize and understand is not a perfect environment and one that simply means turning off the heat of fear. And, yes the news FEED of information resonates this fear, yet we allow it when we accept it without question. Thank you.

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