Hi Desiree,
I agree with your comment here. You might enjoy the series of essays I posted on ADHD, which you can find in the TOC to my Psychology Today blog. I especially refer you to this essay: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-learn/201008/the-adhd-personality-its-cognitive-biological-and-evolutionary-foundations
It includes this statement: "The condition we call ADHD is clearly one that can vary in degree. A few people--and I think that is very few people--who are diagnosed with ADHD have the condition to such an extreme degree that most of us would consider it to be a disorder, worthy of some kind of treatment, under almost any social conditions. But most people with the diagnosis have the condition to a much lesser degree than that--a degree that interferes especially with schooling and certain other school-like activities, as they are structured today, but may actually be helpful in other settings."

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