Oh, my God, I just took the test at the link supplied by DavidM and my style came out Strict, Authoritative, and Specific!

DavidM, if you see this comment, please understand how much bias is written into your test! Some were so biased, I didn't know how to answer them, with the result that I was completely misunderstood!

If we have no "family rules", how am I supposed to agree or disagree with the a statement that attempts to fine-tune how much input I give my kids into the rules? I don't believe in rules, I try hard not to have any "expectations", and everybody in my house is a "boss", including Angel (our dog).

Peter, I grew up during the 50s and 60s, and my exposure to children led me to not want to have any at all. So when we unexpectedly became parents, after being married 15 years, I for one didn't know how to relate to children at all. So mostly I treat my kids like people. Now that they're teenagers, we're sort of just four people living in the house together.

Of course, this did not go over well with the public school system, so we just don't deal with the public school system. There are other options, and while I'm sometimes sad that I didn't recognize my other options earlier, I still understand that all my kids' experiences (even the horrible public-school ones) went into making them the wonderful people they are.


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