Hi Peter,

I love your blog!

My husband and I fight the popular parenting trend by homeschooling. When we thought about what we truly wanted for our daughters, we quickly realized that traditional school didn't give us the best odds of getting them there. We want our daughters to have real childhoods. A real childhood requires time for unstructured free time. We want them to come out on the other side of childhood with imagination, sense of self, and the passion and confidence to never stop learning. We believe and trust that human beings naturally want to learn and that when a person is passionate about something, they'll do just about anything to learn all they can about it. We figure that if our girls follow their passions, they'll most certainly learn to read, do math, manage money, learn social skills, etc. as byproducts.

I guess there's quite a bit of trust involved in our brand of homeschooling now that I think about it. I'm really not worried that they'll learn what they need to learn to be happy, self-sufficient adults. My main goal is that they end up doing something fulfilling with their lives. I really don't care if they go to ivy league colleges (or any college at all if it's not what they need). I do care that they end up leading meaningful and happy lives. I trust that they'll do what they need to do (with whatever help they need from my husband and I) to get there.

Thanks again for the work you put into this blog. I look forward to reading it!

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