I'm glad that my children are 21 and 19 - I feel for the parents raising children now. I spent many years bucking the system, and it can be exhausting!!

Many parents I know are now home schooling their children, and I've seen several stay at home mom's home schooling not only their children but friend's and family member's children as well. In essence bringing back the one room school house. I personally think it is great if the person is dedicated to it.

I also live in a community where Charter schools are quite prevalent. 13 in all from structured "clasical" learning with Latin and Greek to "Green" schools with multiaged classes in nature settings. You name it we probably have it, or you can start it. My sister's community only 30 miles away has one charter school, an on-line school mainly designed to "assist" with home schooling. (Making sure specific homework is done in order and on-time.)

Parents need more options.

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