Your commentary on neighborhoods evolving made me think back to my childhood. We were given a lot of freedom to play without direct supervision. Though we roamed we told to at least ask before wondering of to neighborhood friends house. We lived in a semi rural area so we had plenty woods to explore,bigger yards and play in. We knew most of our neighbors my name and we tended to know our boundaries with each one. The biggest dangers seem to be poison ivy or the occasional scraped knee.

Today by contrast I live in small city. I have a seven year old son that I couldn't imagine leave playing outside alone. We know very little about our neighbors and much of the contact has been through unsupervised kids who simply do what they want. Also with the older kids are the drinking, swearing, and violence. Also what seems to be gone is the lack of respect of others property or boundaries.Like I said above as a kid we knew our boundaries with neighbors. Are we to trust these people with our kids playing in the yard? It's almost the equivalent of letting our kid play in the street.

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