Don't you think it is best to be healthy and not eat too much or too little? Perhaps the writer's family donates food to Soup Kitchens or the Homeless. I think it is unfair that is considered 'disrepectful' to not finish what is on your plate when served if you were served a bigger portion than you can stomach. It isn't healthy to eat more than you are comfortable with. It isn't an action out of disrespect, but rather, out of looking out for one's own health and longevity.
I think the writer knows people aren't trying to 'make her daughter fat', I believe she is just trying to teach her daughter healthy eating habits so that her daughter does not develop unhealthy eating habits [either overeating OR restricting]. I think the writer comes from a very good mindset. Cheers, writer!
Perhaps Leah's school could start a program in which any food not finished [which is still safe] can be donated to the hungry.

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