Humankind are a species that depend heavily on meat and our planet depends heavily on that dependence. Therefore, it cannot be argued that the killing of an animal bred and raised for meat is an evil deed anymore than the ordering of soldiers into battle is an evil thing! (Remember that some of the soldiers may have been forced into the military) However, the abuse, mistreatment, or wasteful sport-killing of an animal is evil for the very reasons provided in this article, animals are all equally sentient and emotional, and humans are animals! I am a farmer and my family and I treat our animals with all the respect that we would treat a fellow human, until the point when we send them off to the slaughter house to be killed humanely, cut up, and sent back for us to eat them and thus, be repaid for our labours. I have seen the intelligence in the eyes of sheep and cattle, of cats and dogs, I have seen joy and grief there and I know the truth of this article!