Interesting blog. I wonder if this feeling of being unsettled can be related to current events and political notions. Although republicans are often accused of "black and white" thinking, during the last election it seemed few were immune from blaming anything and everything on the Bush administration and placing all hope on Obama to change our world in impossible ways. Even something like global warming has been labled as a strictly human consequence when there is loads of evidence suggesting that an orbital shift and cylical pattern of weather are contributing in large ways to global climate change and are completely out of our control. I'm all for greening our planet and helping in any way humanly possible to save it, I'm also all for political change that may help us unite as a people, but we should recognize that hinging all of our hope/blame on "evil" or "good" people as the answer to our global problems will ultimately be disapponinting and as demonstrted via Hitler can be down right dangerous.