My husband works construction. While he has made dozens of improvements on our home, the projects take 10 times longer than any work he does for other people. This phenomena that we have labeled in our home, "cobbler's children" is due to the fact that no one is paying him to stay home and improve OUR home. He has to go out and earn the money for the next month's mortgage and the projects at our house are left undone for months sometimes.

He started an addition to our living room one year in January. He thought he could knock it out in 3 weeks while my daughter and I went to the Philippines. We got back and there was a lot done but a lot more undone. He finished in May.

I might also add that we live in Fairbanks, Alaska where construction in the winter months is beyond challenging, it is down right miraculous if you can pull it off. I appreciate my husband and the hard work he does. I just struggle when it takes him a month to get around to hanging pictures for me when it really takes only 5 minutes to do. I don't complain. I just sometimes live with broken drawers or doors. It eventually gets done....

Thanks for your article. I found it very interesting!

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