It is very difficult to stay positive when you had everything, and lost it all because of a disease that has no cure. A disease that affects the central nervous system. I have MS AKA Multiple Sclerosis I didn't ask to get sick. I got sick. I lost my job. I lost my insurance. I have a degree in Political Sciene and Sociallgy with a minor in Spanish and certified in Criminal Justice system but I can't use it as I am disabled 100 % per doctor's order. I can no longer drive per doctor's order. I forget everything. So please let me know how is someone who had it all suppose to be? I'm sad most of the days My illness is rapidly progressing. My medications put me to sleep most of the day. Yet I'm wide awake at night. Thank You for your kind words and please l can do with out the put downs. I have had many people who have been ugly with me and I am not going to allow this anymore.

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