Like PJ above, I love the article, but I didn't like how it presented all of the items negatively. If you frame them positively, they are more powerful. The 13 Things Mentally Strong People DO (and how you can be just like them):
Focus on solutions
Accept full responsibility for how you think, feel, and behave
Embrace change
Focus on the things you can control
Make your own choices, even if others don’t like them
Unemotionally consider the true level of risk
Make peace with the past, live for the present, and plan for the future
Learn from your mistakes
Be secure with your own success
Failure is proof that you’re pushing yourself to the limits in your efforts to reach your full potential
Embrace solitude to be alone with your thoughts, reflect on your progress, and create goals for the future
Focus on all that you have to give to the world
Know that true change takes time and be willing to work hard to see results

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