Hi Stacy,
My name is Margarida and I completely understand where you are coming from. I too have thyroid illness (Graves), migraines, Diabetes, a tumor in my pituitary gland, and am Bipolar 1. Some days are harder than others. One of the ways that I was able to help myself was to start getting up on a schedule and opening the curtains NO MATTER what. Second was going outside even if it is for only 5-10 mins. Once I was able to do that I got a councilor and started figuring out my next step was. Mind one I have had a mental illness since I was 12 but was not diagnosed till I was 36, I am 42 now. Once I started feeling better I was able to volunteer at a self help recovery center, it took a while to get on track but after to it for 2 years, I have gone back and got my GED, and am in college now and have been for 2 years working on my degree, but only going part time so I can stay mental healthy. I understand that this a lot of information, but hope some of it helps.

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