As a nurse I have seen a circumcision done on an infant and was stunned that no analgesic was used. The excuse for the infant screaming was it was placed on a cold metal table and the baby would not remember.
Like I really believe that. So, I started doing research and found out that after world war 2 ,men coming out of the trenches needed to be circumcised due to infections,etc. They did not consider the conditions the men where living in at the time and from that study decided that all baby boys should be done to prevent further surgery. A lot of times mothers where told it was the best and being a new mom especially during that time period, you listened to your doctor(for HE knew best). In actual fact many men have not been circumcised(prior to war,Unless for religious belief) and did not have any issues . They were taught proper hygiene when little and continued the practise. Those that may have issues down the road, where at least given pain killers post procedure and put "under" for the procedure. Should it not be up to the child when he is older to decide if he should or not?

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