Someone should do a study on the global concept of the reward system.

For example do more people or less believe that if they do something nice they should automatically qualify for a reward of some sort in reciprocity? Why?

Over a period of time do the rewards, much like a drug, become less influential, and need to be recalculated in ever larger amounts?

In order for it to be a meaningful study it should also look at the concept of doing bad and punishment.

it should also be noted that the people who often like to claim some form of moral superiority/authority the most, may not be the best examples to draw from at the current time.

If it is at all unclear, they will seek out his face really does save a lot of time, but, in the chance that you survive, you will at some point understand what I Am talking about anyway, otherwise you probably don't survive.

Some of the confusion does arise from the cross discipline science I utilize while MAN's cross disciplines mainly seem to be very cross with one another.

If they could force me to choose a religion then they would make me wear a silly costume also. That won't be happening.