Dr. Samenow, I never said (nor do I maintain) that most poor people are criminals. But I feel it is absolutely inarguable that a poor, desperate person is more likely to commit a crime than a middle or upper income person. Poor people feel disenfranchised, that their wants and needs are being ignored. Racial bias not only contributes to socioeconomic segmentation, it also fuels the feelings of disenfranchisement that I've mentioned. It should therefore not be a surprise that poor people commit more crimes than more economically advantaged people.

I have explained how and why it is that poor people commit more crime. Now if you would, please explain how poor neighborhoods become that way BECAUSE of crime; how they would otherwise be a regular, middle-class neighborhood if not for the criminal element.

If I understand your article correctly, according to you, the problem is simply bad parenting. That makes me laugh, as it implies that poor minorities are - as a group - bad parents. That would be a working example of bigotry.

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