This is the most poorly considered postulation by someone with a PhD that I've ever heard. In this very brief article, you never even address how it is that a person comes to be a criminal. Are we to assume that criminals are born that way, or just pop in out of thin air??
It is the nature of all people and things to take the path of least resistance, and to be sure, the criminal path is not that. Unlike the path of straight and narrow, the criminal path carries considerable risk and downside, and is only undertaken because people in that category see themselves as having no better option. In other words, they are desperate, and perhaps even angry. Crime presents them with a way of making money quickly and without having to pursue an education (which they feel is unavailable anyway).

Yes, Dr. Samenow, poverty leads to desperation and hopelessness, which lead to crime. Not the other way around. This is Sociology 101. Did you skip that class in college?

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