At question number 3

– “If your partner asks you for something you can’t or don’t want to give, do you blame him or her for wanting it from you?

the Great answer - according to the author is: “ If I want something and she isn’t in to it, it’s never her fault.


I have a problem with "never".

what if the partner is refusing to do it to get revenge for having lost an argument a month ago?

what if she is demanding we go to Hawaii - this year - but I tell her it will have to wait a couple years as I have too many things to pay now and because she is unhappy she withholds sex, is it still never her fault?

How does one get that "international immunity" status where they are never to blame?

if we apply this logic to the last question, then the man who only want sex and no cuddling; it is never his fault right?

or does he get that "international immunity" that makes him never wrong?

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