When I was very young, I used to have nightmares of being a child, escaping and being chased through the woods by soldiers. They wore uniforms. I would wake up crying for my mother. When my mom would come in, I would say, "Not you, my other mother; the one with dark hair." (My mom is blonde.) I would ask my mom, "What is a Jew and why don't people like them?" -- to which my mom would have no answer because it's certainly nothing that would have ever been said in our house or on Sesame Street - my only other source of influence... She had no explanation for where I came up with that. My infatuation with the Holocaust has even guided my career; I majored in History in university. And we visited Dachau concentration camp while in Germany. I cried and felt extreme guilt for being able to simply walk out the gate that day.
I wish I could find learn more about past lives.

Also, my brother (4 years my senior) used to always say, "When I was a dad...[insert story here]." My mom never paid much attention to it until one day, when he was sitting on the back steps watching our dad change a light bulb, he said "When I was a dad, I was changing a light bulb just like that, and I touched the wrong thing and then I died." --and even described 'the light at the end of the tunnel' kind of experience. I wish we had more details... I love reading the other stories in these comments.

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