As a Canadian, I have watched the continuous removal of environmental protections, and the muzzling and firing of the provincial and federal governments' own scientists, and believe that this is rooted to the Harper government's encouragement and support of the Alberta tar sands, and oil and mineral development in general.

If vast stretches of their ranges in Alberta are disturbed and invaded - in some areas as much as 95% - the caribou DO become easier targets for wolves. But slaughtering wolves only hides the exponential growth of development.

This is also why the polar bears are not protected here - any restrictions would interfere with the off-shore mining and drilling that is becoming possible - because of the same global warming that is endangering the polar bears.

I think if you speak with any of the reputable environmental scientists here, they will tell you the same thing. In fact, this past October, 800 international scientists wrote a letter to the Canadian government regarding its silencing of scientists.

I've just read the revenues from all existing and new tar sands projects exceeded $2,484 billion in 2013. I believe that's why wolves in Alberta are slaughtered - and "research" like this is funded.