Your comment is spot on. I know this is an old thread but I was on the net looking for any new HSP info and stumbled on this article. I find your point about HSP being on the spectrum particularly interesting. It's my own personal belief since spectrum disorders are sensory and sensory processing in nature as is HSP. My HSP is directly impacted by external stimuli (also known as life) What's also interesting is my 3 siblings and I all are HSP. 3 of is were diagnosed Asbergers as children which made me unique as I'm female and they just didn't diagnose it 30 years ago in women. My HSP is complicated by the fact I have temporal lobe epilepsy. This makes it almost dangerous to not take down time so to speak from external stimuli. I'm studying up again on HSP as my son now is being impacted and realizing he processes differently than other children. I also particularly liked your statements about hypersensitivity and how an HSP + hypersensitive vs hypersensitive deals with perceived slights. You hit the nail on the head the HSP*H=empathy is big doses. I've always believed HSP could be a big asset to those blessed enough to find the appropriate outlet or career for it such as arts or nursing. Anyways I'm rambling but your take on this was spot on and unique and regardless of the years time between your comment and mine I thought it deserved praise it's very interesting and I am glad you shared it.

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