Isn't Psychology awesome? Those who need serious help will not admit directly that they need the help, but the proverbial SOS embedded within their reactions (to all things) is clear nonetheless; well, for those who are emotionally and intellectually healthy enough to recognize it.

Clearly, having healthy feelings is not at all the same as being conquered by ones emotions. But those who are led by, and driven by, human emotions alone, cannot (or simply refuse to) reach the adult levels of reason, intellect, and logic, and therefore will remain unstable, just like children. Indeed, they never really maturate at all; they just get bigger!

As the sheer numbers of hypersensitive humans escalates within a culture (especially a culture that profits from it), the more normalized it becomes. When I was a kid in the 60's and 70's, we had a ditty:

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never harm you!

And that's a fact! I've never cared a bit what other humans think of me; every human on Earth could call me every curse and disparaging word, ever spoken out of the mouths of men, and all of that would not affect my ego or self-worth by a fraction. I stand on my own foundation.

I care deeply what I say to others (whether it hurts their feelings or not); I am passionate about how my lifestyle choices effect others; however, I do not care at all what people say to me, or about me for that matter. If belittling me makes you feel better, then have at it: I'll take that bullet!

However, I am witness to people whose entire existence on Earth, revolves around what others think of them. Such an existence would be horrifying for me, but it is their normal.

We live in strange times; huge masses of people are both hypersensitive and desensitized at the very same time. They are damaged for days if someone called them stupid or ugly, but they are otherwise, oblivious to the fact that their daily lifestyles are devastating or dangerous to all life on Earth (participating in the car-culture, as one example among dozens. Keyword search "effects of the car on society").

And if you are now thinking that they care obsessively about the self, but no one else, you'd be on the right thought path: it is called egocentric! Such emotional dysregulation can have physiological causes, but most often it is stubborn pride as the culprit. And the culture-at-large profit from drugging them.

We in the West, live in a culture where the victim status (victim-ship or victim-hood) is highly prized; where being a victim is both psychologically and even financially rewarding.

People will (learn to) fake emotional pain to elicit attention, and if you can get enough people to go along with your performance, and especially the Judicial Industry (the Attorney-class and their Enforcers who profit big from court systems), you can be compensated for faked emotional pain.

Yep! Profiting from hypersensitivity, rather than being institutionalized for being emotionally retarded (which is any adult stuck at the emotional level of a child). If an adult is stuck -- mentally, emotionally, or intellectually -- as a child, then of course they're going to be depressed: I know I'd be!

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