first off, good article. Good advice and solutions to "working around" telling someone what to do.

However, the approach I take, is that of giving no advice because the advice I give is subjective. All humans are different. None of us are 100% alike or think alike. So something you or I say, is going to be taken differently by someone else.

Now, the reason I personally try not to give someone advice, especially even when they ask, is because people ask questions for their own personal advancement and gain. This might sound bitter, but honestly, I am not going to give others knowledge and advice that I have obtained. They can go get it from someone else or on their own.

I specifically can recall numerous times in the past that people ask me for advice and want to know something I know and once they get that information, they disappear or don't look or think of me the same. Well guess what, its like training a dog: if you give them attention, you get something in return. You give your dog a treat, you get something in return. If someone has nothing to provide me in return or is just trying to suck up to get information, I see right through it, and they won't be getting it from me.

Its honestly very dangerous to ask people for advice, because a lot of people are not experts and they are only experts for themselves, not you. You know you, so figure things out on your own is the best, most often times than not.

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