First of all, the big picture: She's been your best friend for 22 years! This is a relationship to be cherished, even if she does play Mother Superior to you every now and then. I'm noticing that you say you come to her often with your issues, but I'm not sure if she asks for help in return or not. If not, maybe you could refrain from offering advice until she does. Or ask, "Would you like some feedback about that?" first. As for her "pretending to be superior," I can't help but quote Eleanor Roosevelt here: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." So maybe it would help to work on your self-confidence and trusting your own judgment. One way to do this: Make some decisions on your own. Succeed or fail, you will learn from them. You will also learn about your friend. Will she support a more confident you? Or does she need a friend who is "one down?" Note: Even if the latter, you can decide not to take it personally and still be friends.
Disclaimer: As I say in the article, I only know the tip of the iceberg about this situation, so ultimately the choice is up to you. Good luck!!

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