Years ago I used to volunteer for a couple of non-profit fundraisers. I did it to expand my circle, meet people and I truly believed in the the purpose of the non-profits. One was a museum and the other an art gallery. Tickets to events usually cost about $300. I helped out with the registration, welcoming and auctions.

What I found was that attendees loathe to be seen talking to the volunteers. In fact, the guests were very careful with who the talked to at all at these events. They didn't want to be seen talking to an outcast, money manager or lawyer. They only spoke to people with whom they worked with, already knew or had been formally introduced.

The volunteers were treated like the paid help, kindness and respect were given but not much more. One had to have nerves of steel sometimes to get through it, and I saw more than one volunteer reduced to tears because she found she had said the wrong thing to the wrong person and ended up being treated very badly. I had another friend in another city that experienced the same treatment, so I don't think what I went through was an anomaly. Hindsight being 20/20 I didn't think all that effort expanded my circle at all, with one big exception. I did befriend the people at the very top of the social structure who put together the events and chaired them. They were gracious and kind, and I still have fond memories.

On the other side of the spectrum are the meet-up groups. If you want to meet people go to a meet-up group, lots of them. I can't say enough good things about them. That is where you'll find a fantastic group of people.

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