Where agree with the nature of this article I just feel hat all relevance is gone once you compare opposing companies. Marvel vs DC vs Lucas Arts. Lucas Arts comics have no major heroines and Marvel is all abut making major female archetypes in the comics now Thor is back to (yes back to) being a female. The biggest reason for the lack of a Wonder Woman movie at this time is that all the movies DC has made play of the sales of former movies and they have no yet to challenge the viewers at the box office since the 80's. Supergirl was an all time box office failure, not because of gender but more so because that movie just sucked. I say go for strong female leads, what about Tomb Raider, she kicks butt? I agree with Jean Kim that the world is ready for a Wonder Woman movie and feel that this is why we will see her in 2016's Dawn of Justice movie. Should that play out to be a success DC will through several Wonder Woman movies at us.

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