Hi Dr. McMahon,

I did my dissertation on the verbal and nonverbal communicative and noncommunicative behavior of autistic children in a social interaction. I'm keenly aware of the success that neurofeedback has had in this area and am thrilled to hear how it has helped your son.

As you are keenly aware, I'm on a mission to let people know of this very valuable tool. As an M.D., I would love you input to how we can educate the medical community. Pharmaceuticals companies have vast monies to educate and convince, even when there are not some of the proper clinical trials. As you, I know that neurofeedback has been extremely effective for such areas as seizures, migraines and chronic pain, along with PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders. Recently I worked with a man with throat cancer and the oncologist can't get over that he had virtually no burning of the throat over the 2 month period of radiation.

I look forward to hearing from you. My phone number is 800-500-9971

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Diane

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