What I find most disturbing is Fish's comment, "There are lots of us." How would he know that, unless he was in contact with other child predator/murderers?

It makes me wonder, how accurate ARE the statistics RE the percentage of the population that sadistic sexual predators/rapists/murderers comprise?

Over the years I've come to believe that incest is grossly underreported and therefor grossly underestimated, so, perhaps child sexual predators/child murderers are much more prevalent than we could even guess. I'm an "old gal" now, near retirement age, and its just heart-breaking when I recall how many women I've met and become friends with over the years who have shared with me that they were sexually molested as kids or teens by a blood relative or a step-parent, but they never reported it. I think if the actual percentage of incest victims/child rape were known, everyone would be appalled.

I also wanted to comment about posting anonymously. I am using only part of my real name, because I experienced cyber-stalking and in-person stalking from a disturbed individual for several years; it only ended about a year ago. Long ago as a college kid I experienced in-person stalking by a different individual. So, it feels kind of scary for me to post using my real name, now. If the Internet ever decides to make it impossible for a person to post anonymously, I guess I'll have to stop posting. I only use my real name on my private email accounts, and only correspond with people I already know.

So, I just wanted to share that some anonymous posters may choose to remain anonymous for reasons of safety, not in order to be a troll.

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