Thanks Sherry

If only it were as easy as just moving on.... we only split two months ago and already so many men have asked me out, I never realised but I think a lot of men have a white knight streak inside them or something (cos I know I'm not that pretty to warrant so much attention), yet even so I still miss him. Not the abuse of course but the good times. The cuddles and the baby talk and our own little pet names for each other.... I just wish he would've manned up and gotten help but he never would admit when he was wrong - which is fully counting against him now. I think he always adhered to the "never admit liability" policy but when there is concrete evidence and witnesses, that is just seen as a total lack of remorse.

I don't know why I still care. I shouldn't. As the police (and everyone else) tell me, he isn't a nice person. Yet I still wish.... I have been trying so hard to stay busy, friends, family, work, my daughter. I bought a cat, I've taken up dance classes, I've resumed post-grad studies (even though I'm working full-time too). Am getting therapy. And everyone thinks I'm doing so well and so strong.... but inside my heart is totally broken. I loved him so much and this - him in jail and not even allowed to contact me- it isn't what I wanted. I just wanted him to stop the abuse.

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