I would tend to agree that a Narcissistic pd diagnosis fits Arias pretty well, and you only need to meet 5 out of the 9 criteria to gain a formal diagnosis of NPD, so, Jodi scores high on NPD.

But then, importantly, there are her criminal or quasi-criminal activities to factor in also: breaking and entering, identity theft (reading and answering Alexander's e-mail as him), stalking, vandalism, libel and slander, theft (her grandparent's gun), the seemingly compulsive lying and deception, the glaring lack of remorse, and of course premeditated murder, then any five of the nine traits will garner a diagnosis of Antisocial pd.

Not having the traits of ASPD handy, I don't know if Arias has evidenced five or more of those 9 traits, but I'm willing to bet that the answer is "Yes."

According to Dr. Robert Hare's Psychopathy Checklist, psychopathy is pretty much the combination of Narcissistic pd PLUS Antisocial pd, so, for Arias I'd go with:

"Narcissistic pd with psychopathic features"