Anonymous wrote:

You need to try another approach.
People don't care how good exercising is for their brain, or the rest of them.

I am sick and tired of meaningless physical activity. I am sick to death of playing sports just to get so many minutes in. I am sick of parking at the far end of the parking lot.

Exercise may be good for my brain, but I find it pointless and soul-killing. It's just a lot of waiting and watching the clock. A perfect way to suck some more joy from life!

Well then, don't complain when your health goes to crap. Perhaps if you put some meaning behind it, it won't be so bad. Or just quit whinging and get on with it.

People shy away from anything that is remotely difficult or painful, especially here in the U.S. it seems. Like water, they'll always take the path of least resistance. And also like water, that always leads down, down to the bottom.

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