Ive read all the comments above
And I still couldnt care less about anything
the only comment I agree with is this quote

"I came here expecting something more about why people should care about anything around them, but I just got some bitch's emotional dump."

Still all sounds like people talking bollox about twaddle that dont matter exersize ,care more,minnies of the world ,bugger me any wonder the worlds gone to pot to many people telling everyone its all gonna be good but lifes not like that its a bitch
that bites (not being sexist there with bitch for the people who offend easily)

I transgress again do what makes you feel better if it worked for you well done if you can help others i again say good for you
For me ill carry on living (not deppressed just not caring as the world today is one nasty place were money seems to be everyones ruler (I have none and care not for it) or a phone is more important than people

Peace Out

Mr E Mann

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