I know how everything and everyone works. They are all just inanimate objects from my perspective. The more people act humane and loving towards others, the more I feel moved because I am seeing this from a human perspective that can relate. The more people act selfishly the more I see them as animals. People always act selfishly though, even as they spout liberal dogma. Most liberals are too shortsighted to see the longterm and ultimate logical consequences of their actions. They argue one thing, but the effect is something different. When I have a job and try to do my best, everyone berates me for being to arrogant. My attempts at being humble are perceived as sarcasm. There is nothing I can do. It's like when a person loses three times in a row when they think they had a chance. When I enter the picture, they throw the chess board and act like they won anyways. They have an emotional breakdown when I share what I know. This is what makes me nihlist. There is nothing I can do for these people. Why was I born here and in this time period?

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