Sophia, thanks for this eye-opening piece -- on a subject that is difficult to spot on the surface but very real.

I'll speak just for myself here and say that self-worth is in this mix somewhere. When I'm having one of those days when I just don't feel all that great about myself, I'm prone to falling into the trap of believing that I have nothing WORTH sharing with others -- or thinking that, as you put it, what I do share will bore people or be judged by them. This basically never proves to actually be true, but my own thinking about it affects my behavior at times.

I have been working very hard on sharing more details about my day, for example, with my fiance (who is also an introvert -- a first-grade teacher). She truly wants to hear more from me than "it was fine." And as you so eloquently put it in your post (I'm paraphrasing here): It's not really fair for me to expect her to draw me out, even if that often is what I need. I simply need to understand that her original question -- "How was YOUR day?" -- is the genuine and loving question it really is, and to then respond accordingly. For she is ALREADY trying to draw me out with the question she asked!

Anyway, Sophia, thanks again for the article.

Peter Vogt, Author
The Introvert Manifesto: Introverts Illuminated, Extraverts Enlightened