Women have also always tricked men. How many men have been cuckolded and raised other's children? Cuckoldry with children as a result is the 'male equivalent' of being raped. A baby you do not want is forced upon you and you have to spend years raising it.

Most men through history never got to pass on their genes. When women think of the 'patriarchal dominance' what they really think of is a small subset of priviledged men. Not the ones who were killed, worked all their lives for the tribe and family(parents, brothers, nephews etc) and never experiencing closeness themselves. The priviledged males of course had more than one woman. That is not to say most women enjoyed a great life either, but at least they had some sort of intimacy.

Have you ever pondered why Mandela is so respected? It is because after coming to power, he forgived past sins. I suggest you do the same. Men today have nothing to do with previous cruelty. Sin is not hereditary.

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