It goes both ways. End of story. The people who seem the most romantic (because they're the least cautious) are often the most manipulative and psychopathic. If you already believe that your gender is superior, you'll fail to see just how similar everyone is. The world isn't divisible into women who go for assholes and normal guys who struggle alone, it's divisible into people who go for assholes and normal people who struggle alone.

If you make enough actual friendships with people of the opposite sex (as opposed to "friend zone" friendships) you'll see that female assholes and male assholes aren't as different as you'd think, and "normal" women who just want to have sex with someone trustworthy are a lot like their male counterparts.

But most of us are a little too romantic - a little too trusting of people who throw caution to the wind. If people who just wanted to have sex would all hang out together instead of chasing after psychopaths who use "romance" to feed their narcissism, the world would be a better place.

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