I agree with your comments entirely, and I'm a 28-year-old woman; however, I believe that men do the EXACT same thing to us ladies. My last relationship involved plenty of romance, to which I *happily* received and enthusiastically gave right back. I never felt more loved by a man in my life, and I never asked for anything from him that involved money or status of any kind.

What I got in return: a psychopath who had sex with every single female organism with a pulse, whenever my back was turned. Not to mention the inconceivable lies! That so-called romance routine was nothing more than lip service and an award-winning fictional performance.

Therefore, I have decided to follow the same game-plan as you: meaningless sex with people you just dispose of after a while. When you're done with one body, you just move onto the next. I have yet to meet a man whose romance is actually genuine (and NOT shared with multiple women within the same time-frame), and I have also never met a man who hasn’t felt entitled to do whatever he pleases at my expense. Don’t act as if men are more deserving of love than women because it goes both ways; perhaps women are all self-serving because… all you men are too!

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