What would I like to say to my parent 'friends'...?

I am so appreciative of how you dump your non-parent friends like we're nothing just because we don't do that superhuman task of raising a human life! So superhuman that people do it every minute of every day in every country on earth!!!? Suddenly, you simply can't hang out with non-parent friends anymore, only other mummies will do (I'm talking about female friends here). Well, don't be surprised that I've deleted you out of my life then... And on the day you wake up when your rugrats have flown the nest and all they see you as is an annoyance and embarrassment, and you remember your friend who was there for you for years before you decided your role as mummy deemed you far too superior to bother with her, don't call me! And I won't call you either.

There's a lot more I'd like to say, but I guess it would go on all night if I covered it all!!!